McCool Kids Yoga classes are designed to help children learn to be successful in and out of the classroom.  Children learn breathing techniques to control anger, frustration, and other emotions.  Through mediation, children learn how to calm themselves, focus their energy, and become less reactive.  The best part is that children will have fun while learning to be strong and feel confident.  It is our belief that by developing these healthy habits early in life, children will become happy, successful adults.

Why Yoga for Kids?

  • It's the solution to overstimulation

  • Helps with concentration and focus

  • Provides the needed tools to manage stress and emotions

  • Increases flexibility and strength

  • Develops confidence

  • Improves emotional well-being

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Unless noted, classes are held at P's in the Pod 

(Next to the old Garage Door Studio).

Family Yoga

March 22, 2020

Lions, and down dogs, and deep breaths, oh my!

Come and bond with one another through physical activity.  You will engage in music, stories, partner poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation.  Bring your yoga mats and join in the fun!  

Suitable for all ages!


$20 per couple, $5 each additional person

Yoga for Scouts

We understand the Girl Scouts have a Yoga Fun Patch they are able to earn.  We would love the opportunity to help them learn about this practice that promotes health and well-being. Yoga helps with concentration and teaches a healthy respect for ourselves, others, and nature. It also provides the needed tools to handle the stress of daily life.


We will offer a class customized for your troop, which will include a yoga story, songs, meditation techniques, games, activities, and much more!


We are also available for Girl Scout conventions and troop meetings.


We look forward to hearing from your organization to schedule a class soon.

Class Suggestions

If you are interested in a class but the day/time doesn't work for you, please  submit the day/time/age group on the contact form or email mccoolkidsyoga@gmail.com. With a minimum of five students we may be able to create a class for you.  

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"I liked the games and poses."

                             -Alex, 6 years old

"Haley talked a lot about finding her inner peace." 

                            -Mother of 6 year old

"Esther LOVED the class.  She liked how calm and strong she felt."                            -Mother of a 6 year old


"Nadia really enjoyed yoga, especially the secret garden and meditation exercises."

                             -Mother of a 7 year old.




              P's in the Pod

          119 B Center Street

   Avondale Estates, GA 30002

          next door to the old Garage Door Studio

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